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I’m a voice actor, recording in English and German.  I’ve been doing it for 5 years and it’s a great gig – and no, it isn’t “just talking” :).  Check out my demos over at marymckitrick.com.

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    Bob Hughes


    When you record an audio book, do you verbally state that something is a quote or footnote? What is the
    industry standard i.e. copyright, etc?

    Many thanks,

    Bob Hughes

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    Hello Bob – thanks for stopping by!

    I consulted my colleague Jeffrey Kafer of Springbrook Audio, who opines that there may not be an industry standard and that one approach he sees is for the narrator to say something along the lines of “The president was quoted as saying ‘we will never surrender’ ” etc. Textbooks and other scholarly publications are a separate breed from fiction, that’s for sure. Another voice talent and I were once hired to narrate a text that had a lot of graphs. The author was very slow to respond to questions and we ended up describing the graphs, as in, variable m is on the x-axis and variable n on the y-axis; the graph shows a steep positive correlation of n with m. Opinions will vary on this.

    All the best,


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