You ARE using Google Analytics, right?

If you’re a business owner who cares about getting new customers, you probably would like to know where the customers are coming from and how they find you.  A free tool that shows you that information and that helps you set goals and see how well you’re achieving them should be a tool in your entrepreneurial arsonal.  Google Analytics is that tool.  Of course, if you ever want to set up an Ad Words campaign, GA is your portal. 

All you need to start putting Google Analytics to work for you is the ability to put its code on the web pages you want to study.  If you are your own webmaster that’s a cinch.  If you aren’t, chances are your webmaster has already set up GA for you.  Within a day of adding the code, you should have interesting statistics to look at, such as the urls of the sites by which people are coming to your site, the geographic region they are in, the key words they’re searching to find you.  If one of your goals is to get people to visit your voice-over demo page, for example, you can easily set that up.  If you’re wondering if “female voice talent” is a search term that’s bringing people to your site, you can see how many hits your site is getting via that term.  You can see which search engines are bringing people in.  You can see how many visitors you get over any period of time. You can export data to a spreadsheet if you want to perform additional analyses or just save it for easy reference. 

 I’m always performing tweaks of various kinds on my site, trying to make it easier for search engines to find me and trying to make it easier for visitors once they’ve arrived.  Google Analytics helps me do that, as it gives me ideas about how people are finding me, what they do when they’re on the site and how much time they spend on each page.  You can get very sophisticated with this tool, or you can just spend a minute or two every day looking at the basic information.  Either way, you’re ahead.  So, you are using it, right?

3 Responses to “You ARE using Google Analytics, right?”

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    Yes ma’am.

    Best always,
    – Peter

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    As you were, soldier 😉

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    All of your writing about Google, SEO etc. is very valuable and I highly recommend others to heed your advice. With Google Analytics I’ve found out things such as my international voiceover clients really do visit and spend time at my site…whereas I get zero traffic from my P2P websites. This is in line with what I’ve found from my P2P clients – they really don’t use my site for anything but for the FTP portal, and don’t spend the time looking at my own site. It is nice to see the direct flow from Google to my site…but little flow from Bing so far even though I have a good presence there.

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