The secret to successful marketing for independent professionals

That’s an eye-catcher, isn’t it?  This tip came to me this morning via email from C. J. Hayden of Get Clients Now.  One of the things I like about C. J. Hayden’s e-newsletter is that it comes infrequently enough that I actually start wondering when I’m going to get one.  And when it does come, it’s full of very sensible stuff that brings me back to Earth and makes me feel like successful marketing really is attainable.  Whether you’re in business as a voice-over talent or in any other field, you’ll find something of value there. 

Today’s newsletter can be summed up in this pithy concluding passage:

“The secret to successful marketing for independent professionals is choosing a set of simple, effective things to do, and doing them consistently. The secret behind this secret is finding ways to make the process easier. And the secret behind THAT secret is to stop looking for another secret and get to work on implementing the first one.”

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