Bird gives clue to location of Springfield.

At the very end of the new Simpsons Movie, a single bird song is audible. That bird is the Bobolink Dolichonyx oryzivorus, a member of the blackbird family that has sometimes been called skunkbird because of its contrasting light and dark plumage. The bird is a long-distance migrant, traveling from its wintering grounds in southern South America all the way to the northern United States and southern Canada where it breeds. If the Simpsons Movie is set during the breeding season rather than spring or fall, it’s possible that we can narrow down the number of possible Springfields by over fifty percent.

Click here to hear an exclusive MCM Voices news report about this important clue to the location of America’s favorite family.


Bobolink – photo courtesy USFWS



Breeding distribution of the Bobolink


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