Dialect Donor: Cake Boss!

I was so taken with Pamela Vanderway’s concept of using a dialect donor when you need a model for a certain dialect that now that’s the term I think of when I hear somebody who speaks with an accent.

If you need a great model for a 2nd generation Italian-American accent from northern New Jersey, you’re not likely to get to work with Buddy Valastro directly.  He’s way too busy turning out beautiful works of cake art.  But please feast your ears and listen to the Cake Boss narrating his “Meeting Buddy” video.  Then feast your eyes at the Carlo’s Bakery website and see some of his extraordinary creations.

Buddy, I love you.  Is it okay to tell you that?

2 Responses to “Dialect Donor: Cake Boss!”

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    Pamela Vanderway

    This is a GREAT example of what YouTube can provide to actors in the way of dialect resources! (Also, I’m now craving cake.) Thank you for posting this.

  2. 2

    Pamela, you’re welcome, and thank-you for stopping by. You’re probably going to get tired of all the “ping-backs” from me on your dialect donor blog post 😉

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