The Seasons at Yale’s West Campus

Yale University’s 136 acre West Campus, acquired in 2007, is 7 miles from downtown New Haven. It includes 20 buildings and plenty of open space. The university’s mission for West Campus: to strengthen science, medicine and engineering, and to promote the use of the natural areas for public education. They have created a series of videos to suggest educational opportunities available in each season of the year, and I was hired to narrate the series. My client wrote me that “the officers of the Yale Corp saw a sneak preview and everyone asked who the narrator was! It’s the Ivy league voice!” I love that – how come I never thought of it?

You can click on the picture below to view the Summer video. Especially if you’re in the northeastern U.S. and wondering why it feels like winter today, I think you will find the scenery reassuringly warming.

Warmer weather is just around the corner – and the Louisiana Waterthrushes have returned to western Massachusetts!


 Yale University West Campus: Summer    Yale University West Campus: Summer video with narration by Mary McKitrick

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