Avian Voice-over

The voices I’m hearing today are avian – it’s really spring and the eastern phoebes have returned to Massachusetts. Red-winged blackbirds have been here for over a month, but the phoebes are the first truly insectivorous species to come back. I brag sometimes about being able to imitate bird sounds, but honestly, it’s pretty hard to imitate a flycatcher’s voice with verisimilitude. I keep trying though.

So, I’m enjoying this taste of the new season. Sounds of American robins, blackbirds, titmice, chickadees, downy, hairy, red-bellied and pileated woodpeckers – the kinglets, juncos and white-throated sparrows are still here or passing through – and it won’t be long before the waves of warblers add their many and varied voices to Nature’s multi-track mix. And the frogs – boy do we have frogs around here. Haven’t heard ’em yet though. No rush.

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