The secret to successful marketing for independent professionals

That’s an eye-catcher, isn’t it?  This tip came to me this morning via email from C. J. Hayden of Get Clients Now.  One of the things I like about C. J. Hayden’s e-newsletter is that it comes infrequently enough that I actually start wondering when I’m going to get one.  And when it does come, […]

Your business, your attitude

I read a terrific article this morning by my friend and colleague, Paul Strikwerda, who has become one of my favorite voice-over bloggers. In “The secret to landing any freelance job” Paul reminds us of “the perils of predatory pricing” and how lowering your rates also lowers your clients’ and your own perception of the […]

Do you know how your clients feel?

A fascinating article touching on how humans make decisions came across my desk this morning. Research by Princeton psychology professor Danny Oppenheimer shows that decisions can be based on the ease of processing information – for example stock prices are higher shortly after the initial public offering when the ticker symbol is pronounceable (RAD for […]

Networking in voiceover

In voice-over as in all business ventures we think a lot about networking, and numerous articles have been appearing about it lately in various internet haunts that I frequent, including voice actor haunts like the Voice Registry Blog. It’s an indispensable activity, intimately related to marketing. But, it is not marketing and it shouldn’t look […]

Business Expos and Voice-over

Today I went to a Business-to-Business Expo in a nearby city, sponsored by the chambers of commerce. That was some kind of fun! In two hours I made more contacts than I would have done in several days from my office, and this was face to face. I met people from ad agencies, marketing companies, […]