Unclutter your space, unclutter your spirit

My treasured voice-over coach, Marice Tobias, has pointed out many times that whatever is going on in your life, you bring it with you into the voice-over booth.  You need to resolve it somehow, whether it’s by making an appointment with yourself to address it later and then putting it out of your mind until […]

My voice-over team.

Most of us free-lancers start out in business alone. As voice-over artists maybe we get advice (good or bad) about what equipment to choose and how to set up the studio and where to get good deals on art work and business cards and how to approach marketing. There are as many ways to start […]

Time Management for Voice Talent.

and everybody else! Life has been awfully busy for me lately. Busy is good. But managing one’s time during the busy days requires care. I don’t have the answers but am always looking. I got some ideas from one of my heroes, Randy Pausch, who gives a mean time management lecture. If you have 86 […]

Getting things done: Voice-over Edition

This is a follow-up to my previous post on success in voice-over. In order to be successful, we have to get things done. I think many of us become paralysed when a task seems too big and we just can’t find a way to get started on it. How can we overcome the obstacles of […]