Unclutter your space, unclutter your spirit

My treasured voice-over coach, Marice Tobias, has pointed out many times that whatever is going on in your life, you bring it with you into the voice-over booth.  You need to resolve it somehow, whether it’s by making an appointment with yourself to address it later and then putting it out of your mind until […]

Your business, your attitude

I read a terrific article this morning by my friend and colleague, Paul Strikwerda, who has become one of my favorite voice-over bloggers. In “The secret to landing any freelance job” Paul reminds us of “the perils of predatory pricing” and how lowering your rates also lowers your clients’ and your own perception of the […]

Do you know how your clients feel?

A fascinating article touching on how humans make decisions came across my desk this morning. Research by Princeton psychology professor Danny Oppenheimer shows that decisions can be based on the ease of processing information – for example stock prices are higher shortly after the initial public offering when the ticker symbol is pronounceable (RAD for […]

MCM Goes to Hollywood for the Day

I’m a voice actor. I “don’t do” on-camera work and I don’t have a head shot so when I have the opportunity to submit for on-camera stuff I’m not prepared to do it. But I received an email this morning from Boston Casting with the subject: Rush Call Northampton Today. The location was a mile […]

Not getting that voice-over gig: You probably didn’t blow it.

You hear it all the time – do the audition and move on. If you keep track of all your auditions and how many days it has been since you did them and think necrotic thoughts like, “if I don’t hear by tomorrow then I’ll know I blew it” – you might find yourself with […]

I’ve been Bob Bergened.

A tornado hit my world last weekend and I hope that world will never be the same. After a weekend with Bob Bergen at his voice-over animation workshop, I feel like I want to live my life IN CAPITAL LETTERS!!! The energy and generosity of this gifted teacher are beyond words. I was sorry to […]

Dialects for Voice Actors.

Yesterday I received an entertaining email from one of my favorite clients, Richard, for whom I’ve done several large jobs requiring accents. His company produces educational software and he hired me to provide an Australian voice for “Miss Melberry” in a maps and graphs project, and a Georgia accent for a lizard (“Miss Lizzy”) in […]

Voice actors and the Edge Effect.

Last week during a vigorous house-cleaning event I unearthed a book I had read so long ago I didn’t even recognise it. Or at least, so much has happened since then that it seemed like a long time ago. The book is The Edge Effect by Eric Braverman, and it is about the influence of […]

Success in Voice-over: What are you afraid of?

This week my friend and colleague Liz Solar and I each drove to the center of the state to meet for lunch (she from eastern Massachusetts and I from the west). I met Liz two years ago at the amazing Women in Animation workshop run by Pat Fraley and Hillary Huber, with guest Candi Milo, […]

Forgotten Ellis Island Picked Up by PBS

I just got word from Lorie Conway this morning that her film Forgotten Ellis Island has been selected by PBS “as a prime-time national special for late spring or early summer broadcast”. Elliott Gould narrated this documentary, and Bruce Miles, Drew Hadwal and I provided historical voices. You can read more about the film and […]