Getting Started in Voice-overs

I recently had the honor of being interviewed for an article in the Springfield Republican (and no, no political affiliation implied). From past experience I know that such articles tend to bring me a few new clients, for which I’m very grateful, and they also bring in many requests from people wondering how they can become […]

The M600 Universal Microphone Mount.

I’ve written here about noise problems I had in my voice-over studio in the past and how I solved them. They turned out to be low frequency rumbles that were fixed by weighting my microphone stand (cost: $0). Occasionally I still get a bit of rumble due to external noise creeping in, and I wondered […]

My voice-over team.

Most of us free-lancers start out in business alone. As voice-over artists maybe we get advice (good or bad) about what equipment to choose and how to set up the studio and where to get good deals on art work and business cards and how to approach marketing. There are as many ways to start […]

Mobile recording studio

I don’t take very many trips, partly because I like my voice-over work and don’t want to miss any. But I couldn’t avoid it last week, nor could I avoid working, because I have a client who needs narration work from me almost every day. So, I finally allowed myself to be dragged into modernity, […]

Epiphany in Voiceover – What You Have is Probably Better than You Think

I have a cute little voice-over studio. It’s not beautiful, but it’s functional, the equipment is good, and it’s pretty darn convenient. And although it isn’t absolutely soundproof, it’s quiet. Well, it wasn’t always quiet. In fact, until a few hours ago, I had a noise problem that I found very troubling. Most people didn’t […]