Claim Your Google Local Business Center Listing

Like Google Analytics (except totally different), a Google Local Business listing is a free tool you shouldn’t be doing without.  When you search on Google for a product or type of business and add a location to your search, you’ll notice among the first listed are the “local business results” with a map showing the […]

I Love Digikey

The first time I called Digikey, purveyor of electronic components, it was to place an order for a little switch for our microwave oven.  You could have knocked me over with a feather when, after one ring, a guy out in Minnesota picked up the phone.  This fellow came complete with a Minnesota accent and […]

Giving your work away

Earlier in the Holocene Epoch, when I made my living as a biologist, I didn’t get many opportunities to give back to the community using my vocational skills.  I can’t remember a single time I was asked to do a free bird dissection or donate a phylogenetic analysis to charity.  As a voice talent it’s a […]

Getting Started in Voice-overs

I recently had the honor of being interviewed for an article in the Springfield Republican (and no, no political affiliation implied). From past experience I know that such articles tend to bring me a few new clients, for which I’m very grateful, and they also bring in many requests from people wondering how they can become […]

Marcia Yudkin gets it right – again!

When someone contacts me about my voiceover services and immediately focusses on price, I’ve learned to take a step back. It has been my experience that there’s an inverse correlation between the price they want to pay and the degree to which they will turn out to be a pain in the neck. So when […]

MCM Voices’ Guide to Voice-over Postcard Marketing

This post has a grand title, doesn’t it? There are many people who know much more about voice-over postcard mailing than I do – Anthony Mendez is one of them and he has been of tremendous help to me over the years – thank-you my friend!! But this here is my guide, because I’ve just […]

Changing Business Model for Hiring Voice-over?

I’ve just come from the “Meet and Eat” breakfast hosted by my Chamber of Commerce, held each December in the ballroom at the beautiful Delaney House. The program this morning was a round-table discussion about the economy and how it has affected our businesses. At my table were a business consultant, a bank executive, a […]

Voice-over Postcard Mailing Hack

I want to send a postcard to all my clients and other business contacts to alert them to a special broadcast for which I provided voice-over. On February 2nd, 2009 at 10 pm, PBS will broadcast Forgotten Ellis Island, a beautiful documentary about the Immigrant Hospital at Ellis Island. The documentary is narrated by Elliott […]

Managing Your Freelance Income

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend a free 3-day workshop called The Millionaire Mind Intensive. These workshops are the brainchild of T. Harv Ecker, author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. Ecker’s basic thesis is that your attitudes about money are formed in childhood and that your financial status as an […]

My voice-over team.

Most of us free-lancers start out in business alone. As voice-over artists maybe we get advice (good or bad) about what equipment to choose and how to set up the studio and where to get good deals on art work and business cards and how to approach marketing. There are as many ways to start […]