Giving your work away

Earlier in the Holocene Epoch, when I made my living as a biologist, I didn’t get many opportunities to give back to the community using my vocational skills.  I can’t remember a single time I was asked to do a free bird dissection or donate a phylogenetic analysis to charity.  As a voice talent it’s a […]

Peter O’Connell responds.

Voice talent Peter O’Connell took time from his busy schedule of bagel noshing to respond to my breakfast story with a wonderful & hilarious post about networking and marketing. Peter is a very funny guy, but his post is not purely comedy – it is full of excellent ideas for voice actors (and all business […]

Why I Don’t Conduct Voice-over Business Over Breakfast Like Peter O’Connell Does.

My friend Peter O’Connell is a voice talent, producer and marketing expert, and he is one of my heroes. He’s full of ideas and of energy that he invests in his business and in his family, friends, and colleagues and he’s always coming up with something new. So, when Peter says that over the years […]

Networking in voiceover

In voice-over as in all business ventures we think a lot about networking, and numerous articles have been appearing about it lately in various internet haunts that I frequent, including voice actor haunts like the Voice Registry Blog. It’s an indispensable activity, intimately related to marketing. But, it is not marketing and it shouldn’t look […]


I have always found many parallels between the physical things I do, such as karate and ballroom dancing. Both are graceful and include choreography and require intense focus and stamina. More surprising perhaps is that so many of the principles of karate are related to what I do every day. Trying to adopt the “karate-do”, […]

Going the extra 104.7 miles for a fellow voice artist…

Last week I exchanged some email with my colleague Peter O’Connell of Buffalo, NY, who had posted a request for foreign language voice-over for a piece he was producing as a gift for Freedom Radio in Baghdad (I sent him some German). Peter mentioned that he would be in Boston at the end of the […]