Live video chat this Sunday with the voice of Goofy

Kevin Delaney writes that he will be hosting a free, live video chat with Bill Farmer, the voice of Disney’s Goofy, this Sunday 28 August 2010.  It’s at 7 pm Pacific time (10 pm Eastern). For details and to RSVP, go to Thanks Kevin!

Eddie Carroll, voice of Jiminy Cricket, dead at 76

Voice Actor News has a brief notice of Mr. Carroll’s passing, with plans for a longer tribute in the near future.

Family Guy’s Funny Guy – Seth MacFarlane

Wonderful Nightline interview with voice actor-singer-writer-producer- amazing talent Seth MacFarlane:

Craig Ferguson is “Gobber” in How to Train Your Dragon

Read about it in ‘Dragon’ directors deliver fast makeover.

Celebrity Voice-overs – Again….

My thanks to Tony Quinn for bringing this Washington Post article to my attention. It’s interesting that the mainstream media is starting to comment on the lack of a tight correspondence between stars’ fame and their talent in the voice-over booth – something voice actors have been musing about for some time. The writer, John […]

I’ve been Bob Bergened.

A tornado hit my world last weekend and I hope that world will never be the same. After a weekend with Bob Bergen at his voice-over animation workshop, I feel like I want to live my life IN CAPITAL LETTERS!!! The energy and generosity of this gifted teacher are beyond words. I was sorry to […]

Bob Bergen Workshop in Hartford, CT

Bob Bergen will be bringing his renowned voice-over workshop to Hartford next month and I will be attending. Bob has provided voices for hundreds of cartoons, games and commercials, but is best known as the voice of Porky Pig and Tweety, having inherited these roles from the legendary Mel Blanc. Of course, it wasn’t a […]

Surf’s Up.

Penguins are much less a part of our lives than dogs and cats or even skunks and racoons, so three movies about penguins in three years makes me feel like Hollywood is “constantly” thrusting the dapper sphenisciforms in front of us. March of the Penguins (2005) was a masterpiece, an unromanticized tale of the hardship […]