You ARE using Google Analytics, right?

If you’re a business owner who cares about getting new customers, you probably would like to know where the customers are coming from and how they find you.  A free tool that shows you that information and that helps you set goals and see how well you’re achieving them should be a tool in your […]

Giving your work away

Earlier in the Holocene Epoch, when I made my living as a biologist, I didn’t get many opportunities to give back to the community using my vocational skills.  I can’t remember a single time I was asked to do a free bird dissection or donate a phylogenetic analysis to charity.  As a voice talent it’s a […]

Getting Started in Voice-overs

I recently had the honor of being interviewed for an article in the Springfield Republican (and no, no political affiliation implied). From past experience I know that such articles tend to bring me a few new clients, for which I’m very grateful, and they also bring in many requests from people wondering how they can become […]

Grow your business: use professional voice talent

I know I’m not the first voice actor to express this and I certainly won’t be the last. But I cringe when I see business owners or their relatives in their own television ads or on their own company voice mail recordings. I can’t count how many businesses in my own town have phone recordings […]

Voice talent for “Prison Break” revealed

The voice talent for dSonic‘s Prison Break: The Conspiracy – Robert Knepper plays T-Bag in the video game released today by Deep Silver, as reported at Electronic Theatre.

Uncle Sam Speaks.

My friend and very talented colleague Rowell Gorman provided the voice of Uncle Sam for this extraordinary video, created by Josh Faure-Brac. Please watch it and ask your friends to watch it too.

MCM Voices’ British Accents Mad Skillz Payola.

A few weeks ago, fellow voice talent and friend Philip Banks challenged his colleagues to a competition to see who could perform the best British accent (native Brits obviously ineligible). A few dozen souls took up the challenge, including me. At the end of the week a tie was declared between my dear friend Maureen […]

Not getting that voice-over gig: You probably didn’t blow it.

You hear it all the time – do the audition and move on. If you keep track of all your auditions and how many days it has been since you did them and think necrotic thoughts like, “if I don’t hear by tomorrow then I’ll know I blew it” – you might find yourself with […]

I’ve been Bob Bergened.

A tornado hit my world last weekend and I hope that world will never be the same. After a weekend with Bob Bergen at his voice-over animation workshop, I feel like I want to live my life IN CAPITAL LETTERS!!! The energy and generosity of this gifted teacher are beyond words. I was sorry to […]

Dialects for Voice Actors.

Yesterday I received an entertaining email from one of my favorite clients, Richard, for whom I’ve done several large jobs requiring accents. His company produces educational software and he hired me to provide an Australian voice for “Miss Melberry” in a maps and graphs project, and a Georgia accent for a lizard (“Miss Lizzy”) in […]