Avian bloopers: My Cousin Vinny

Last night I was in the middle of a complicated dream when I was awakened by one of my favorite voices, that of the Eastern Screech Owl (Otus/Megascops asio).  It’s a beautiful, haunting call, thrilling to wake up to, even if it means never knowing the ending of your dream.  The people responsible for sound […]

Landmark Conservation Legislation in Canada

Canada has set an extraordinary example to the world. Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty recently set aside 55 million acres of land – half the size of the province – as permanent conservation land. I did not read about this in the U.S. media and, shockingly, could find nothing about it in the usual news sources. […]

Visiting My Past.

Sometimes I have trouble getting myself out of the house. By now I should have learned that invariably I have a good time when I go out. But last Thursday instead of packing my suitcase and heading to New York for my high school reunion, I answered emails, did voice-over auditions, and generally dragged my […]

Voice-over Networking: NATURE Edition.

You just never know what cool events are going to pop up in my little town. A few days ago I heard, rather at the last minute, that the local PBS station was hosting an evening with Fred Kaufman, Executive Producer of Nature. I love those shows, and documentaries are of course of great interest […]

Una cosa rara.

A strange thing. Lately I’ve been investing a fair bit of over-achieving energy in a presentation I was giving today on the geography, climate and natural history of the “Southern Cone” countries of South America – Chile, Argentina and Uruguay – in my Spanish class. I planned very carefully what I would say, and fretted […]

Bird gives clue to location of Springfield.

At the very end of the new Simpsons Movie, a single bird song is audible. That bird is the Bobolink Dolichonyx oryzivorus, a member of the blackbird family that has sometimes been called skunkbird because of its contrasting light and dark plumage. The bird is a long-distance migrant, traveling from its wintering grounds in southern […]

Avian Voice-over

The voices I’m hearing today are avian – it’s really spring and the eastern phoebes have returned to Massachusetts. Red-winged blackbirds have been here for over a month, but the phoebes are the first truly insectivorous species to come back. I brag sometimes about being able to imitate bird sounds, but honestly, it’s pretty hard […]