Claim Your Google Local Business Center Listing

Like Google Analytics (except totally different), a Google Local Business listing is a free tool you shouldn’t be doing without.  When you search on Google for a product or type of business and add a location to your search, you’ll notice among the first listed are the “local business results” with a map showing the […]

You ARE using Google Analytics, right?

If you’re a business owner who cares about getting new customers, you probably would like to know where the customers are coming from and how they find you.  A free tool that shows you that information and that helps you set goals and see how well you’re achieving them should be a tool in your […]

The secret to successful marketing for independent professionals

That’s an eye-catcher, isn’t it?  This tip came to me this morning via email from C. J. Hayden of Get Clients Now.  One of the things I like about C. J. Hayden’s e-newsletter is that it comes infrequently enough that I actually start wondering when I’m going to get one.  And when it does come, […]

The Facebook “Fan” Page

Of course, it isn’t really a fan page anymore because we no longer become Fans – rather, we Like.  I haven’t read anything about why the change from fanning to liking occurred, but I rather Like it.  It puts everybody involved on more or less equal footing rather than suggesting that the page owner is […]

How do you stay in touch? Part 2

In December 2006, I was contemplating sending out an electronic newsletter as an alternative to keeping in touch with clients and potential clients via individual emails.  The problem I was having was that I had to send 27 emails a day in order to achieve my goal of writing to each contact just 4 times […]

Business Expo 102

Three years ago I tried an experiment and registered to exhibit at my Chamber of Commerce’s annual TableTop Expo.  Field tests have been completed – not much came of it.  It took me three years to recover but I decided to try again.  The expo took place yesterday and over 700 people attended.  My table was in […]

Why No Business Should Be Involved In Online Social Networking

Provocative eh? See what marketing consultant Marc Goldman has to say about it at Biznik.

Do you know how your clients feel?

A fascinating article touching on how humans make decisions came across my desk this morning. Research by Princeton psychology professor Danny Oppenheimer shows that decisions can be based on the ease of processing information – for example stock prices are higher shortly after the initial public offering when the ticker symbol is pronounceable (RAD for […]

MCM Voices’ Guide to Voice-over Postcard Marketing

This post has a grand title, doesn’t it? There are many people who know much more about voice-over postcard mailing than I do – Anthony Mendez is one of them and he has been of tremendous help to me over the years – thank-you my friend!! But this here is my guide, because I’ve just […]

Changing Business Model for Hiring Voice-over?

I’ve just come from the “Meet and Eat” breakfast hosted by my Chamber of Commerce, held each December in the ballroom at the beautiful Delaney House. The program this morning was a round-table discussion about the economy and how it has affected our businesses. At my table were a business consultant, a bank executive, a […]