The M600 Universal Microphone Mount.

I’ve written here about noise problems I had in my voice-over studio in the past and how I solved them. They turned out to be low frequency rumbles that were fixed by weighting my microphone stand (cost: $0). Occasionally I still get a bit of rumble due to external noise creeping in, and I wondered […]

Mobile recording studio

I don’t take very many trips, partly because I like my voice-over work and don’t want to miss any. But I couldn’t avoid it last week, nor could I avoid working, because I have a client who needs narration work from me almost every day. So, I finally allowed myself to be dragged into modernity, […]

Richard Thomas in voice-over session at Tapeworks.

Erin Paul of Tapeworks in nearby Hartford, CT was kind enough to send me the following press release (thank-you Erin! I’m always pleased to hear news of local studios): Richard Thomas, renowned TV and stage actor, visited Hartford’s Tapeworks recording studios Tuesday to record voiceover tracks for Mercedes-Benz latest radio and TV spots. The session […]

A Producer a Day ….

I visited a producer yesterday of whose existence I’ve been aware since almost the first day I started in the voice-over business, a bit over a year ago. His company is situated a scant dozen miles from me but we had never met. In addition to doing voice-over and production, he can duplicate CDs, which […]