Giving your work away

Earlier in the Holocene Epoch, when I made my living as a biologist, I didn’t get many opportunities to give back to the community using my vocational skills.  I can’t remember a single time I was asked to do a free bird dissection or donate a phylogenetic analysis to charity.  As a voice talent it’s a […]

On vacation for a day

We snuck away to the Berkshires today to take a break from the routine.  While there we caught up with fellow voice talent Monk Schane-Lydon for a delightful lunch at 20 Railroad Restaurant (on Railroad Street) in Great Barrington, MA.  Alas, no photographic evidence.  Monk filled us in on his latest doings including his work […]

Getting Started in Voice-overs

I recently had the honor of being interviewed for an article in the Springfield Republican (and no, no political affiliation implied). From past experience I know that such articles tend to bring me a few new clients, for which I’m very grateful, and they also bring in many requests from people wondering how they can become […]

Pay Attention, Work Hard

My Sensei, Daniel Gobillot of Pine Forest Karate Dojo, wrote the Thought for the Week that just arrived in my inbox. So much of what we learn in any discipline has parallels in our other efforts, and this is a great example. There are no shortcuts to success. The best way to achieve our goals […]

Do you know how your clients feel?

A fascinating article touching on how humans make decisions came across my desk this morning. Research by Princeton psychology professor Danny Oppenheimer shows that decisions can be based on the ease of processing information – for example stock prices are higher shortly after the initial public offering when the ticker symbol is pronounceable (RAD for […]

Managing Your Freelance Income

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend a free 3-day workshop called The Millionaire Mind Intensive. These workshops are the brainchild of T. Harv Ecker, author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. Ecker’s basic thesis is that your attitudes about money are formed in childhood and that your financial status as an […]